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Saturday, June 26, 2004


I am finally able to discern what I need to achieve contentment on the microscopic scale: the solace of femininity. I kissed a girl tonight that I would not have expected to kiss, had someone told me I would be doing so by the end of the evening. She was a friend of a friend's sister, and someone whose company I always enjoyed, but that was the extent of it. Acquaintanceship. We haven't seen each other in over a year, but tonight ended up cuddling around a campfire and singing songs together to a crowd of enchanted onlookers. The night was tangible with energy, and it was all thanks to the fledgling chemistry we cultured in our mutual love of music. It was such a simple thing to experience, and will more than likely lead to nothing more than a continued friendship, but it is no matter; just sharing that connection allowed me to usher out a long series of stresses and frustrations I'd been harboring.

It doesn't take sex; it doesn't take a girlfriend; it's simply feeling that someone else is drawn to you. As long as I can keep finding that on a regular basis, I won't have to be so worried about the lack of sex or of a girlfriend. Hmm, I bet it's more likely I'll find one of the latter two before finding a different instance of the former each time I'm out with friends. But it's like the lotto: hey, you never win. Or something like that...

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