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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


If I could be rid of one emotion, it would be envy, the source of so much acute pain, and of absolutely no joy. Envy is the one emotion from which no positive influence could ever be derived. Why do we have it, except to provide evidence of the weakness and fallibility of humankind?

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  1. Commenting on this is weird because you probably think differently now than you did 7 years ago. But you asked a question, and I have an answer.

    This reminds me of a Chinese proverb, I thought I'd include it:

    Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.

    Mainly the standing still part. Envy is a healthy thing to feel. It's what makes us grow. If I was content being the person I am or owning the things that I own, I wouldn't be growing/changing/learning. So, you see other people with their cool stuff and you want it. It adds motivation which leads to success.

    I have several examples.

    My friend purchased the most bitchin television ever (to me at least). Without envying that person I wouldn't have taught myself the life skills to save and to bargain hunt in order to get an even better television.

    My former coworker travels the world helping out villages and communities in need. On top of that she is a focused student, a great friend, and an overall fantastic human being. I envy her ability to be that kind and generous. Sure, I won't ever have it in me to do the things she has done with her life, especially at such a young age. I've accepted that about myself. However, my envy towards her makes me a better person even if I can't do everything she's done.

    Again, this post was probably referring to something that you don't even think about anymore. Consider my two cents added.