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Thursday, June 10, 2004


The decision to publicize one's inner monologue comes with great difficulty... assuming one's mindset happens to match mine precisely. A profoundly campy/cheesy aura surrounded most every blog I visited throughout my tenure as an internetive-compulsive web surfer. Even worse, perhaps, were the blogs that affected my life directly in the tangible world; one private detail slipped yields hours of distress under the proper conditions.

But the more I thought about it, I realized that I was in control of the atmosphere here. If I stick roughly within the confines of the present-tense, I am relegated to speaking in a sort of instantaneous snapshot of my thoughts and feelings; this will eliminate the potential to use this medium as a means to dwell on anything disturbing. I will always post with the reader's entertainment in mind. Rather, I will, upon completing a post, sit back and say to myself, "is this something that people would avoid reading if they knew what I was about to say?" And if the answer is 'yes', then I will refrain unless I feel very strongly that people need to hear me vent.

Having said that, I think the best use of this webspace is as a mental home-gym: By virtue of existing, this blog will coach me to think out loud more frequently, so I may fill its pages. Too often do I sit around and stumble upon a piece of wisdom, or a funny idea, et cetera, and too often do I lack the means to record it. A thought without destination is doomed to slip into the crevasse of muddy recollection, and then into oblivion just beyond. Just having this space available gives me a feeling of security, that I can take something out of my head, leave it here, and never worry about losing it. I have a hunch that if the thoughts knew there was a comfy spot awaiting them, they would manifest freely and with ease. Knowing that I have space to fill, I will begin to create on a prolific scale all my musings, song lyrics, poetry, and who knows what else...

Innocent in its inception, this blog should be free of all the imprudent categories of personal information. I'm not going to sit here and type about people I don't like. I'll cover every emotion I've ever felt, but only in the hope that any interested reader will find my words allegorical; if I can convey a message through my retelling of personal experiences as opposed to just putting them outside my mind as a means to avoid the situation, then this blog will be a success for me. If at any point you laugh to yourself, or scratch your head and go "Wow, I never saw it like that", then this blog will be a success for you.

I hereby dedicate this post to Andrey Hardy, who unwittingly coerced me into creating a blog of my own when he put a link to his in his Instant Messenger profile.

And so continues the great chain of inspiration, and perhaps lack of discretion; I, too, must now join the ranks of those who will share the collective blame when the whole spot blows up; someday, there will be one too many blogs in the world....

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