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Friday, June 18, 2004


Now, to completely change tone, I seem to have developed an unhealthy obsession with roughing it. This evening I'll be on my second camping trip in as many weekends. Not that living off the land and getting all the accompanying exercise is unhealthy, but the level of obsession definitely is (not to mention the requisite consumption of fatty foods and moonshine).

On the other hand, I'm certainly putting my gear through its paces, which is very good from an economical standpoint, since camping gear is as expensive as, say, skiing and golf equipment, for point of reference. If you don't know how expensive skiing and golf equipment are... well, they are as expensive as music equipment. Music equipment, for the record, is expensive; I could either own all my skiing, golfing, music, and camping gear, or I could own a different car for each day of the work week.

Nonetheless, not many things in life are as fun as either skiing, golfing, playing music, or camping, especially when partaking with your closest friends (who, interestingly, if you omit the second 's' from 'closest' in a freak typo moment, suddenly become 'closet friends', and they are a completely different category of people, though they can be pretty fun too).

I'll be back and civilized by Saturday... damn employment.

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