Riker's Mailbox

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Hey kids! I seem to have skipped the month of December completely, as did I fail to recognize the significant event of January 1st, 2007, in which we all made it another year away from Jesus.

Mea culpa.

I've been tending to my own affairs over this period (read: indulged heavily in celebratory tasks that accompany the season); highlights include:

  • Getting an HD DVD player.
  • Making it back to Rochester and Elmira (both New York) to see friends and family.
  • Getting laid by a hot flight attendant*, who happens to be my girlfriend.
  • Revisiting the Green Field Churrascaria (imagine dying of meat-poisoning, but in a happy way).
  • Taking my first California winery tour.
  • Miles sold a boat and bought a four-wheeler (which we're taking to the dunes, along with some dirt bikes, in about 8 hours).
  • Did I mention I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?
Yeah, all's great right now. And on top of that, ING Direct bank finally offers checking accounts! Like normal checking, but all ING'd up! It's called 'Electric Orange' and you need it. Stop reading. GO.

Still here, huh? Perhaps you'll be as amused as I was that wikipedia has a very detailed and (the part that really surprises me) straight-faced article about Rock Paper Scissors. For reals. Don't believe me? Click here for your punishment.

Oh, we had a Christmas party over at Jay Brian and Tony's place in Huntington Harbor. It was a very nice dinner party held on the night of the Christmas boat parade. And it was Dr. Seuss-themed. I personally spent 30 hours of my evenings the week before the party fabricating a cardboard overlay that turned their TV into a Seussian cottage. Don't believe me? Click here for your punishment. Among the rest of the venue's extensive decorations was a 14-foot-tall Grinch Mountain that dispensed a delicious microbrew. Don't believe me? You know what to do.

There'll surely be more to talk about after this weekend, so I'll be back on pace for regular blogging, so long as the boss doesn't catch me doing all this typing when work is so busy this time of year.

* - no, not while flying... but one can dream.