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Monday, June 14, 2004


One of the best things a person can do to improve his state of wellness is take the time to retreat from the complexities of modern life. Another of the best things he can do for this same purpose is self-medicate, either by psychological or physiological means. Combine these techniques, and he will have concocted potentially the most effective means to better himself as a person and as a positively contributing member of society.

The above paragraph could be the most excessive justification for spending a weekend drinking in the woods that ever there was.

Somehow, just somehow, we managed to coordinate close to a dozen people spanning four metro areas in two states to rendezvous in the middle of absolutely nowhere (someplace on the periphery of the Allegheny National Forest... beautiful, mind you) in an attempt to throw an obscenely large party in honor of my roommate's 21st birthday. We succeeded.

Highlights of the weekend and inside jokes are as follows:

Impulse Grocering
Tent City
Log Tossing
Creek Keggin'
Venison Dogs
Moonshine 101
Miss Thomas
The Hippie Barrel
S'Mores Stick Fighting
Bowie Knife Madness
Explosive Wolves and Rocketing Bottles
Breakfast Beers
Bridge Tossing
Freelance Logging
Block Breaking
Moonshine 201
Hardboiled Lighter Fluid
Saturn Missile Attacks
Bacon, Steaks, and Automobiles
The Magic 8-Tent
Moonshine For Engineers
Pancakes and Breakfast Beer
Aquatic Impreza
Cuba Cheese

I'll put up pictures as soon as they're downloaded and developed.

And what did I do to recuperate as soon as I returned from the weekend's revelry? Beer pong at Rayshine's, of course. It has something to do with not being scheduled for work until Friday this week.

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