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Tuesday, June 15, 2004


The pressures of drudging through resume and cover letter writing, phone calls, and asking favors in order to find gainful employment are outweighed only by the constraints imposed by a painful lack of liquid assets. Thusly, I have spent many of my waking hours today reaching tenaciously, albeit futilely, toward the goal of getting a job interview.

Being a young homeowner has its perks, but the responsibilities are substantial, and numerous at that. Most of them are financial. It's impossible to be a confident person while living paycheck to paycheck, because there's always something hovering over you, threatening to coax your credit rating swiftly toward the negative domain with a deftly applied baseball bat. Need I say more? Getting a new job will add a degree of permanence to my current living situation, and maybe some new dress slacks, too.

Recently I heard the story of a kid my age, and fellow RIT student, who inherits 1.5 million dollars (American, not Canadian) each year. This poor guy has so much money he has to throw a barhopping party, complete with limousines and $40 bottles (8 times plural, mind you) every weekend. I hope that by the time I'm a rich man, I'll have learned that you can never have too much money to save. Now, as a counterpoint, I have no ability to suppose that this kid never gives to charity or other worthy causes, and it's just as likely that he does; but it's a fun game to wonder what you would do if it were you who had the cash to spend. I'd like to think that after the brand new Audi S4, I'd get right to work on helping out friends in need.

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  1. Anonymous6:24 PM

    Hmm, I know what you mean, I am making about twice than what I used to during this co op, but still find it hard to make ends meet through banking issues and other such nonsense. And do NOT even get me started on school loans!

    More and more I am seeing the growing need for myself to start buying dollar lotto tickets in hope of striking it big......

    The point? I am not sure, but I know where you are coming from!! So for me, why does the whole reason for Fight Club sound like a good idea right about now? hahaha