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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


Good thing I remembered to get these out of my head before I forgot to get them out of my head and forgot them themselves:

The name of my next rock band is definitely going to be 'Monty McStrangle'. Either that, or that will be the name of the character based upon me when I write a screenplay. If it ends up being the band name, there's going to be a song in which the only lyric will be "Born on the 51st of Novtember". Over and Over again.

I terribly miss Meg LaRochelle, Chris Lazzaro, and Ray Ward, all of whom are living in either Colorado or California for the rest of their lives as far as I'm concerned.

I sleep on a lightly-padded boulder for two to three days a week when I visit Elmira. During my stays I experiment with lucid dreaming, which takes my mind off the pain. I achieved a lucid dream not more than three nights ago; this is a remarkable success, since it's only the second I've ever had, and it came within a week of my first attempts to consciously achieve one.

This entry is just fluff; read CIRCUITOUS below.

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