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Monday, August 09, 2004


Time again for "you had to be there", except that I bring 'there' here, so you can get the gist of it regardless. This evening's episode comes from yet another conversation between my man Andrey and me. It appears unedited for spelling and/or grammar, and is unabridged.

KnightM3: yo'
RITmusic2k: hey boss
KnightM3: how goes?
RITmusic2k: oh my god
RITmusic2k: crazy weekend
KnightM3: do tell
RITmusic2k: I've been inextricably sneezy for the last few days...
RITmusic2k: turns out I had a common cold lurking somewhere beneath the sheen of the rockstar lifestyle
KnightM3: lol
RITmusic2k: Been running myself ragged lately,
RITmusic2k: haven't been getting enough sleep
KnightM3: taking vittles?
RITmusic2k: multivittles
RITmusic2k: ;-)
KnightM3: good good
RITmusic2k: anyway,
KnightM3: [do tell more kind sir, i shall brb]
RITmusic2k: the itinerary since friday was as such:
RITmusic2k: had a bunch of friends from work join me at my house for a gather-together evening. Had fun, played beer pong 'till three or so, since we didn't get out of work until after 10pm
RITmusic2k: everyone had a great time
RITmusic2k: and there were hot chicks aplenty
RITmusic2k: though not the one I wanted
RITmusic2k: she was occupied with some late dinner hosted by her teacher at school
RITmusic2k: but she called me while we were partying
RITmusic2k: which was nice
RITmusic2k: anywya,
RITmusic2k: one of my friends was waiting for a ride to come pick her up,
RITmusic2k: but this guy was terrible with directions, and the phone he was on was dying, so we only got incomplete directions to him
RITmusic2k: consequently,
RITmusic2k: I had to drive her home, to north winton
KnightM3: [back]
KnightM3: eww
RITmusic2k: didn't get to bed until 4:15 am
RITmusic2k: worked 9am-1pm the next day, of course
KnightM3: of course;-)
RITmusic2k: had a little chill time with a friend, then hightailed it down to Pennsylvania for a saturday night gig with Farnsworth
RITmusic2k: by this time, cold is fully set in
RITmusic2k: so I'm thinking I'm really gonna suck it up tonight when we play
RITmusic2k: fortunately, everything worked out fine
RITmusic2k: one of the best sounding shows we've played
KnightM3: niiiice
RITmusic2k: we each killed a bottle of jagermeister during the show,
RITmusic2k: which was 9:30pm-1am
RITmusic2k: so we were having plenty of fun
RITmusic2k: people bought us shots as well,
RITmusic2k: and tipped us nicely
RITmusic2k: my favorite quote from the gig:

RITmusic2k: "Remember, every time you throw a dollar in out tip jar, a priest gets a venerial disease."
RITmusic2k: (our tip jar)
KnightM3: LOL
RITmusic2k: so, we get to bed by 3:30am,
RITmusic2k: and I was planning to get up early and drive back to rochester by lunch time to meet with Paige's dad and help him finish off the party house
RITmusic2k: well,
RITmusic2k: that didn't quite happen since my sickness had regrouped and dealt me a hefty blow
RITmusic2k: I barely made it home in time to nap an hour before heading into work at 6pm for our remodeling night
RITmusic2k: overnight shift
RITmusic2k: had an absolute blast
RITmusic2k: worked until 3:15am
KnightM3: holy crap
RITmusic2k: and the ten of us who were there played a mean game of parking lot football during our "lunch" break
RITmusic2k: well, the second half of it, at least,
RITmusic2k: first half was spent downing henrietta hots plates
RITmusic2k: my ladylove knocked me upside the head as I was attempting to intercept a pass to her (by the way, she's got hands like flypaper on the football field)
RITmusic2k: got me a cute little black spot under my eye from that one
RITmusic2k: and I successfully bend the shit out of my glasses four times tonight
RITmusic2k: sometimes from working, sometimes from roughhousing,
RITmusic2k: and once from the football game
RITmusic2k: it was such a memorable night
KnightM3: LOL
KnightM3: sounds like a day in the life of Riker.
RITmusic2k: we had so much fun together
KnightM3: but more importantly, how do you feel now? physically?
RITmusic2k: dude, I loved every minute of it
RITmusic2k: but I'm broken
RITmusic2k: of, one more thing
RITmusic2k: I was wearing slippers at first during football,
KnightM3: hahaha you're asking for it;-)
RITmusic2k: but I doffed them in favor of socks for maneuverability
RITmusic2k: well, I didn't realize this at the time,
RITmusic2k: but I ripped the bottoms of the socks to shreds
RITmusic2k: after the game we were al inside,
RITmusic2k: people were like, "oh man, those are dirty."
RITmusic2k: so I picked my foot up to see how bad it loked at the bottom, and all I saw was the tar-blackened ball of my foot
RITmusic2k: funniest shit of the night
KnightM3: lol
KnightM3: no injury to the feet?
RITmusic2k: wish I had my camera
RITmusic2k: well, heel's a little sore from impact
RITmusic2k: but that's all
RITmusic2k: no scraps
RITmusic2k: um,
RITmusic2k: scrapes
RITmusic2k: the asphalt was very recently re-tarred,
RITmusic2k: so there was not a single loose stone onm the surface
RITmusic2k: but yeah,
RITmusic2k: been nose-runny and cough-y all night
RITmusic2k: plus I'm losing my voice
RITmusic2k: which is a bad thing... I have a gig this friday
RITmusic2k: in brockport
RITmusic2k: at the Java Junction coffee house on main st. in brockport
RITmusic2k: in fact, you should be there if you're free
RITmusic2k: it'll be an evening show, I'm sure
RITmusic2k: something like 8pm
RITmusic2k: but yeah
KnightM3: i'm working all night friday:-RITmusic2k: okay man, no troubles
RITmusic2k: anyway,
KnightM3: oh
KnightM3: oh
KnightM3: your CD-ROM
RITmusic2k: ooh, yes
RITmusic2k: one sec
RITmusic2k: CD Lite-On LTN486S48x MAX
RITmusic2k: that's the one that burned out
RITmusic2k: all I'd be looking for is a basic inexpensive comparable drive
RITmusic2k: 48x
KnightM3: burner?
RITmusic2k: pretty much the only criterion to match
RITmusic2k: nope,
RITmusic2k: it's to replace the player in a two-drive setup
KnightM3: I'll check my price, but retail it's like 40-50 bucks
RITmusic2k: he has one reader, one burner
KnightM3: we might get another 10 off
RITmusic2k: well, if that's cool for you, the tewn bucks off will be worth it to him
RITmusic2k: so we'll have to meet up sometime so I can give you cash
RITmusic2k: okay?
KnightM3: yeah, I'll just have to keep the receipt.
KnightM3: just in case;-)
RITmusic2k: okay man
RITmusic2k: no prob
KnightM3: :-)
RITmusic2k: well, I have to give in to gravity and common sense,
KnightM3: ok
RITmusic2k: so it's time to sign off
KnightM3: so you doing ok dude?
RITmusic2k: yes, I think I am
KnightM3: ok good. as always, you know the number:-)
RITmusic2k: there are more and more things to deal with every time I turn around though,
RITmusic2k: Did you hear about Mary's brother?
KnightM3: yes
RITmusic2k: so, you understand...
KnightM3: yes
RITmusic2k: there's always soemthing else to be thinking of
RITmusic2k: I hope she can help him through this without suffering too much herself
KnightM3: she has a good support network, she will be fine
RITmusic2k: true
RITmusic2k: one of the best
KnightM3: exactly
RITmusic2k: so yeah
RITmusic2k: anyway
RITmusic2k: I shall be singing off at the moment
KnightM3: ok sire
RITmusic2k: good chattin with ya
KnightM3: you too buddy
KnightM3: lookin' forward to your next blog;-)
RITmusic2k: but even a rockstar needs his sleep :-P
RITmusic2k: actually,
KnightM3: so they say
RITmusic2k: you just read it

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