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Friday, July 16, 2004


I feel almost like I've betrayed someone, somewhere, somehow. It's been
the better part of a week since I've posted here, certainly the longest absence
since the blog's inception. I'm actually a bit confused about how this
happened, as I'm having trouble remembering all that I've done since my last
post. I've certainly left the town more than once, left the state at
least once, made at least $100, and spent at least as much.

The most monumental occurrence of the past week has to be the Party That Was
Never Supposed To Be So Party-ish. By
seven o'clock Wednesday night, we were starting to get
invitations from friends to a party at our own house later that evening.
What we'd expected to be a small gathering turned into a mid-week 'rager'
complete with not one, but at least four DJs spinning records in the basement,
beer pong and graffiti, and social interaction so dynamic and diverse we
couldn't see straight. Half the patrons were complete strangers to most
of us, yet everyone was unmistakably cool and easy to relate to. All in all,
a lot of people were relying on us to give them a great time, and everyone
seemed to have their expectations met. Which, as it happens, exceeds

I think I have a date with the one I want sometime soon; at the party we
decided we definitely needed to go out, now it's just a matter of picking the
day. We'll have wonderful fun, and I can't wait.

Man, I really don't like the new blog editor.

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