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Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Played Ultimate Frisbee again today, though not up to par, as per my self-imposed standards. Most of it had to do with the lack of traction due to the compound problem of not playing on an artificial turf field and of the rainsoaked ground. All in all, there was a great series of games played, and I walked away with a hell of a battle wound. I'm so proud of it, in fact, that I've immortalized it in the digital medium for you to gape at:

That is actually a bruise, not a scrape... there is no broken skin on my body. Apparently when the impact is with a nearly frictionless surface, the bruise pattern mimics what the scrape would have looked like. That aside, it doesn't hurt and looks badass. This has been one hell of an evening.

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  1. Zotlegm10:30 PM

    That's so badass. I want to hurt myself now.