Riker's Mailbox

Thursday, November 04, 2004


Just when we thought cellphones couldn't get any more features, some wunderkind decides that we need a little more connectivity. They're even working on speech-to-text blogging, which could be cool, once you get used to dictating punctuation ("Hello comma mother dash fucker comma it's nice to see you again semi-colon you have to visit me more often period"). What with all the programmable key-entry macros and voice-activated dialing, I worry my fingers will soon atrophy due to chronic non-use. Makes me sick.

But who am I kidding? Being one to jump on the bandwagon, especially if I'm guaranteed a front seat, I embraced this wonderful technology as it currently exists and have decided to flaunt it here.

That's right, Prose Justice is now Cochlear-Enabled.

I don't expect that I'll use audioblogging too often, but when I do, it'll be a nice change of pace.

this is an audio post - click to play

*I HATE the word 'holla' but will knowingly and willingly use it in jest to promote the disrespect of the word. I suggest you all do the same.


  1. You will certainly get yourself in trouble @ parties with that feature. -rsp

  2. Insta-internet-blackmail. I shudder to think.