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Friday, October 26, 2007


The exterminator over at No More Hornets wrote a post earlier this year, in which he claims to have pioneered a new creative art form: Google-oetry.

A Googl-oem is simply a poem constructed solely from the keywords people type into google that end up sending them to your website. You are allowed to add punctuation, but not to add or change words.

What follows is my first Googl-oem, entitled 'Verse Justice'. Each line appears in the order it did in my keyword log. Some punctuation has been added... no other changes.

Verse Justice

There are one hundred students who open lockers,
Perfect squares... odd number of factors.
Technology and prose:
Perfect square, odd number of factors.


Huntington harbour boat-parade 2007,
Insomnia film post production?

Debate formats: rebuttal and re-rebuttal;
The only real justice is the justice you take.

Novels which incorporate back story...
Average bed time of a highschooler...
Remaining humble when becoming education.

Why do perfect squares have an odd number of factors?

Ear tampons.

24 hour insomniac film contest;
Exploding crap,
Shit, jury summons,
Gas leak! Front yard!!

Another word for prose?
Black prose?
Supernatural justice?

Justice pro-se.

It's friday... say a prayer to freyja.

...prayer to freyja.
...prayer to freyja.
...prayer to freyja.


- kevin savino-riker

Now, I didn't write my name at the end of the poem... the last search keyword in my log was actually my name, which was remarkably convenient.


  1. What a superb idea.

    And a rather good poem to boot!

    I'm going to have a bash too. Is this a meme?

  2. I don't think so... but I think it should become one... I'll float the idea over to the exterminator...

  3. Nice googl-oem.

    I'm not crazy about memes in general, and I don't think a lot of people would be thrilled about being tagged for this one.

    But if you think you can spread it, go ahead. I'd love it if each googl-oet linked back to my original post, rather than just restating the "rules." But, of course, that's up to you.

    Go for it.