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Friday, August 10, 2007


Atheist Stand-Up Comedy.

Two critical aspects of stand-up are the delivery and the physical component of the presentation... but it's still funny to read the punchlines, so here's a little joke that I thought up on the way home from work. I need lots more material to add to this, but it's a start:

I wanted to do a caricature of Ann Coulter, but I realized it would be impossible because she already is one...

...You just can't exaggerate Ann Coulter's rage! I tried! In the real world, that woman hasn't changed her tampon in years.

Creationists want us to produce fossil evidence of transitional species? Fine. BURY ANN COULTER. We'll dig her up in a year and say, "She walked upright, but completely lacked higher brain function. Also note the pronounced claws."*

Yeah, so, don't worry, I didn't quit my day job. But I will try to come up with some more to add later.

* - If you didn't find this passage funny, it's not because I'm not funny. It's just because you missed my delivery and physical presentation.

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