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Friday, June 10, 2005


Jesus H Motherfucking Christ Almighty, I thought I missed my blog's birthday! When I first wrote this, I brain-farted and saw that it was June, but still felt like it was May, and it was definitely later than the tenth of the month by that reckoning. So I scrambled to save face and pop up a nice little commemorative here, and as I posted it, I realized that I'm over a week early. Oh well, at least I can claim acuracy to the month. I'll put this up today anyway, thought I'm going to forward-date it for archival purposes.

As of June 10th, 2005, Prose Justice (don't you dare click on that link, you're already here) will officially become one crazy year old!

A couple notables about this fun little project here:

  • I have written 70 entries, including audioblogs, and have five drafts yet-to-be-published.
  • Those entries total 30,286 words written, averaging 404 words per post.
  • If you printed each character that I typed onto a piece of 8.5" by 11" paper (one character per page in banner-fashion) and placed them end to end in a line, it would be over thirty miles long.
  • I have learned more than 50 'million-dollar' words in my extensive search for clever post titles.
  • Since I've been tracking hits (November 15, 2004), my blog has been visited 1,316 times by 826 unique viewers. If I include my own visits, that number skyrockets to 58,422. Just kidding. It's probably a little lower than that.
  • Despite all this, I'm definitely not sick of blogging, and am ready to set some new records this coming year. Either that or I won't give a shit.

Happy Birthday!

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